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We offer three buffets with one

large selection of different dishes.

The lunch buffet is served on weekdays between

11-14 and Saturdays between 12-14

The dinner buffet is served daily from 16

The taco buffet is served every day from 14


Lunch buffets


Weekdays at 11-14      99:-

Saturdays at 12-14    119:-

Served: Swedish cuisine, Asian dishes, Sushi and Large salad buffet

Also included: Meal drink, Coffee / Tea, Ice cream and Fried banana


Dinner buffets

Every day from 16

Monday - Thursday      149:-

Friday - Sunday           169:-

Served: Swedish home cooking, Asian dishes, Large Sushi and Salad buffets, Taco buffets.

Also included: Fried Banana, Ice Cream and Coffee / Tea

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