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Swedish à la carte menu

Swedish à la carte must be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance. For fresher and faster food. Call or email!


1. The house's garlic bread, served with aioli       49:-

2. Bacon-wrapped halloumi, served with salad    69:-

3. Shrimp cocktail, the classic                                  79:- 

3. Västerbotten cheese pie, served with rum sauce and salad                                                               79:-


4. Quorn fillet, served with bulgur

and ratatouille                                                149:-

5. Vegetable skewers with falafel, served with aioli and french fries                                                     149:-

6. Tofu with vegetables and rice                        149:-

7. TZAY skewers with rice, served with

avocado sauce                                                159:-

8. Vegetarian burger on plank steak                  179:-


9. Bacon-wrapped chicken fillet, served with rice and ratatouille                                                       149:-


10. Rainbow plank, served with french fries duchesse, bacon-wrapped asparagus and dill lemon sauce 179:-

11. Chili marinated salmon fillet, served with baked potatoes stuffed with skagen mash                    179:-


12. Balders chili burger, 250 gr. with cheddar cheese

and oriental dressing                                        149:-

13. Pork fillet, on a chanterelle bed, served with béarnaise sauce.                                            159:-

14. Black and White, served with red wine sauce and béarnaise sauce.                                            175:-

15. Plank steak (beef fillet 180 grams), served with french fries duchesse, bacon-wrapped asparagus

and béarnaise sauce                                       239:-

16. Pepper roast (beef fillet 180 grams), served with pepper sauce                                                239:-

For these meat dishes, you can choose between french fries, mashed potatoes, potato gratin and fried potatoes.

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