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A warm welcome to Restaurang Balder in Umeå!

Affordable with great variety

RestaurantgBalder has been around for over 20 years. With its 180 seats, cozy environment and well-cooked dishes from all corners of the world, Balder is one of Umeå's largest and most popular lunch and evening restaurants.

For lunch served

Well-cooked Swedish cuisine and Asian food (including China, Japan, Korea and Thai) in the form of a buffet, which also includes a large sushi and salad buffet, drinks, desserts and coffee / tea.

In the evening it is served

Fine á la carte dishes, Taco buffets and Dinner buffets consisting of Swedish cuisine, Asian food, sushi, salad, desserts and tea / coffee which also includes taco buffets.

We organize events such as sittings, weddings & birthday parties where we plan the perfect evening in consultation with the guests. We also offer catering of food for everyday life and parties.


Welcome to our cozy restaurant with 200 seats!


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